Pet Blinkers

Pet Blinkers

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Ever had that heart-stopping moment, peering into the dark on your evening walk in the park, wondering where your furchild has gone?

Ever gone for an evening walk along the streets with your pooch hoping that you and your pooch will be visible to road and path users, so you both remain safe and injury-free?

This blinking light easily attaches to collars and harnesses, and won't cause a headache with the blinding, dance-party blinker speed and colour of some other blinkers on the market.

Both sizes are very sturdy in construction, with the large size extremely industrial!

This pet blinker is visible from a kilometre away and includes replaceable batteries. Blinks red, white and blue.

Small/ Medium approx. 1/2" long, clasp 1 1/2" long
Large approx 1/2" long, clasp 2" long