Bunny Bow

Bunny Bow

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We love this unusual and totally adorable way to celebrate Easter with your furbaby!

The beautiful satin bow has been hardened so that the bow and bunny combination remain well-presented and classy.

The bow is perfect for furbaby AND human hair, so you can match during any Easter celebration :)

We have clipped the French Clip into the short hair of a curly half-Pug tail where it stayed with no issues, so those with short-haired poochies, fear not! Clip it into short fur, onto collars or harnesses, or to pin your sweet pup's fringe back. We love how versatile this product is - and it is made in the United States.

Three options to choose from:

Latex Band - has two latex bands on the back. They are quite small (fit quite tightly on a human adult finger)

French Clip - has an approximately 1 inch french clip on the back

No-slip French Clip - the French Clips are lined with Velcro for a tight grip onto the clip for additional hold (it is not Velcro-ed onto your baby!)