I Heart Dog feels very strongly that one of the joys of having furchildren is realising the beauty of relationships between species. Of course, this also helps us appreciate the interconnection with nature, too. So, humans, animals, plants - without all three, the remainder could not exist.

So, our goal, as our business grows, is to give back. We have already started, in a small way:

  • Recycled Products - our beautiful gift boxes and tissue paper are made from recycled paper
  • Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) - our business made a $100 donation in February 2013 to BAWA to assist with their wonderful work
  • Little Legs Dog Rescue - we donated a prize pack of I Heart Dog products valued at $150 to an online auction to raise funds for a South Australian organisation who takes in small, older dogs and provides the particular care these dogs need with genuine compassion
  • Young Diggers Association - in commemoration of ANZAC Day 2013, I Heart Dog made a $100 donation to the Dog Squad program, which uses dogs as companions to assist returning servicemen and servicewomen with mental and physical disabilities
  • Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) - we donated a three night stay at Elephant Safari Park and Lodge, Bali valued at USD$1050 to an exhibition and fundraising event hosted by Houndstooth Studio in support of BAWA. We have so much respect for the kindness, generosity and incredible skill of Houndstooth Studio, and the love and care of BAWA towards such vulnerable animals, and their dedication to community education
  • Bowel Cancer Fundraiser - we donated Myer gift voucher cards valued at over $160 to a Quiz Night for Hollie in September 2012, a brave girl who discovered she has bowel cancer in her early 20s. This young girl showed such maturity and selflessness in sharing her story to raise awareness, that it felt only right Hollie should be supported in return
  • Animal Protection Society (APS) - we donated Visa gift voucher cards valued at over $120 to the APS Quiz Night in 2012, to raise funds for a WA-based shelter providing care to cats and dogs who are available for adoption
  • RSPCA - our business made a generous donation to the Furry Godmother Pet Resort's Million Paws Walk team. We have followed them on Facebook for a while and have maintained an interest in the facilities offered for both day care and boarding. We admire them, and we admire their support of RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2012
  • Reach Foundation - our business made a donation in memory of Jim Stynes to this organisation, aimed at support children in our community 2012. We believe that a kind human society results in kindness towards the animals we love
  • RSPCA - our business, in its very early development stages, entered a corporate team in Million Paws Walk 2011
  • Telethon WA - I Heart Dog made a significant donation (over $2000) as part of a fundraising initiative by radio station 92.9fm for Telethon 2011. Telethon is a trust that raises funds for charities for children
Our social obligations will remain at the forefront of our minds at all times; we might heart dogs, but no heart can be complete if it is not filled with genuine care for others.