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I Heart Dog's Very First (Non-Purchase) Purchase

We've been working very hard to set up a website worthy of the title and goal of this business, and recently emailed a link to the website to a few friends and family under the guise of seeking feedback, when we really just wanted to share our progress. The website, at the time of writing this blog, is almost close to launch. Imagine our surprise, then, when we were checking our emails and came across notification of a purchase made from our website. Imagine our surprise, too, when that same customer very kindly sent us some cheery feedback via text message. Things like, "you don't know what shipping is going to cost until the very end"... when in fact the shipping...

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First Post - The Love Affair Begins

It started the moment I saw this tiny little bundle asleep on his back, little paws in the air, but it was not until all four paws were on the ground and the curious little sturdy boy was checking out the world around him that I completely fell under his spell. Morris is my first furchild, and I am smitten! He makes me laugh out loud every single day. I mourn leaving him at home, and look forward to his uncontained  joy upon my return. I could stare at him asleep with his little head tucked to the side between his paws all day and all night. I am comforted by his little furry body curled up against mine, I...

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