Caring for your pooches during summer

As the warmer weather approaches, here are a few tips for your furbabies:

1. Puppies dehydrate very quickly - signs of lethargy can indicate dehydration, so you may want to check your pup's health with the vet. I know this from experience

2. Better to have more than one water bowl available for your furchild, just in case one is used as a pool or accidentally knocked over

3. You can check dehydration by lifting the skin on the back of your furchild's neck. It should very quickly return to normal. If the skin flattens out slowly, it might indicate dehydration

4. If you are out and about and want to wet your furchild to cool them down, try putting water on their underside, or on grass for them to lie in; water on their back may actually make them feel warmer when heated by the sun when there is no breeze

5. Carry a water bowl if you are on the move with your pooch, and offer water often

6. Remember that the sun moves during the day, so water bowls or pup pools - whether outdoors or indoors - may eventually end up in the sun and warm up your pup's water

7. Some ice cubes in water bowls at the start of the day will either make a refreshing treat or keep water cool during the day

8. Dogs who won't drink much water (especially puppies) can be tempted by putting some brine from tinned tuna into the water

Summertime is a great opportunity to enjoy long days with your furkids! Enjoy!