I Heart Dog's Very First (Non-Purchase) Purchase

We've been working very hard to set up a website worthy of the title and goal of this business, and recently emailed a link to the website to a few friends and family under the guise of seeking feedback, when we really just wanted to share our progress.

The website, at the time of writing this blog, is almost close to launch.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we were checking our emails and came across notification of a purchase made from our website. Imagine our surprise, too, when that same customer very kindly sent us some cheery feedback via text message. Things like, "you don't know what shipping is going to cost until the very end"... when in fact the shipping process had not been fully established (so we were somewhat curious about what the shipping cost was!). We also wondered where the payment had gone since we were not aware PayPal had been linked to the site.

Our customer guessed the very moment we called her that the website was not live, although we are very glad to say that we are able to fill her order immediately.

Ms Heids is a very dear friend, and someone we are glad to call our very first customer - even if it was an unauthorised purchase conducted by stealth! We promised to provide no further details to avoid any public humiliation, but we have been permitted to share with you a picture of her absolutely gorgeous young furgirl, Bella. Bella has a wonderful Mummy and Daddy, and we are lucky to call them all part of the I Heart Dog family!