First Post - The Love Affair Begins

It started the moment I saw this tiny little bundle asleep on his back, little paws in the air, but it was not until all four paws were on the ground and the curious little sturdy boy was checking out the world around him that I completely fell under his spell.

Morris is my first furchild, and I am smitten! He makes me laugh out loud every single day. I mourn leaving him at home, and look forward to his uncontained  joy upon my return. I could stare at him asleep with his little head tucked to the side between his paws all day and all night. I am comforted by his little furry body curled up against mine, I am full of joy when I see him gallop around the park, his ears flinging around in the wind. I adore his meerkat stance as he stretches his little body to take a curious peek out the window, I smile at his antics as he playfully growls at his toys.

I could go on and on. I can successfully bring him into any conversation, regardless of the topic. I see him as my little angel, teaching me the true meaning of genuine love. I see the world in the moment, much as he does. I have a new appreciation for the beauty of all animals, and especially the connection that can be made between two species. I love that he trusts me, and that he allows me to shower him in kisses, understanding that it is part of my need to show him affection.

Much broader than that, I absolutely adore seeing the connection between humans and their non-human members of the family. It's just beautiful!

So. I am a certifiable Crazy Dog Lady. And do you know what? I'm proud of it! Sure, people might think I'm strange, but Morris has brought so much to my life - so much happiness and laughter. I am not ashamed to enjoy the fun of having a furchild in my life, and I am passionate about allowing other Australians who love their canine furkids to proudly indulge in that, too!

My vision for this business is that it will not only be the first Australian business to specialise in accessories for people who love their dogs, but also other items that help dog-lovers enjoy their pets. I would also like this to be a place to share health, safety and good parenting information as we learn more about how to enhance our dogs' lives and their longevity in our families. I would like it to be a place where we can share photos of our furkids, and also have an element of giving back to society.

Please be sure to visit our website from time to time, as Morris and I undertake this journey, and you are always welcome to provide feedback and offer suggestions about what you would like to see here.

We hope your moments between human and canine are as magical, frequent and beautiful as ours, and that you have a long, fulfilling and fun life with your furkid!